Thursday, April 26, 2012

Exiled in Galway

The beginning of a somewhat self indulgent record of my days on a smallholding in rural Galway, Ireland, hey it's just for my records. I wanted to call it my Bog Blog but a smidgeon of SEO knowledge ( how stuff gets searched for and found online ) persuaded me that the term would not be advantageous .... I then relented and thought it might be a fun key word
Next month sees a six year milestone on the farm, and so I thought that some sort of a record of some of the projects that are ongoing here in Stoney Island. Oh and it is easier to post pictures here than in my RL diary.
The shores of Lough Derg
So a rather basic introduction to the farm, which I have whimsically named Magpie's Nest. Circa 25 acres of mixed land on the borders of Lough Derg. Part of the lands would have been under the waters of the lough at some stage as the soil is incredibly rich and full of teeny tiny shells. The higher fields are more clay based and true to the name full of stones, rocks and boulders.
Here is one I dug out earlier....polytunnel footings
The fields are largely unfenced apart from an orchard ( more later ) and a pond and meadow area. Deer and hare plague the area and fencing is difficult to maintain, they appear immune to the fact that here is home to a number of salukis.

Irish skies are something special
The view down the drive, out over to the boglands and Lough Derg over to the left a little.

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