Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ambitious tomatoing.....

I hadn't realised quite how many tomato plants I am cultivating.....I guess I just saw a vast open polytunnel space ( mega YAAY....been long enough coming ) and panic bought tomato seeds.

And apparently suffered repetitive amnesia syndrome on a regular basis - resulting in @80 seedlings potted on, three trays of seeds germinating and another four trays just planted. This is great at this stage, all potential gorgeous succulent tomatoes to come, however the sheer future logistics is just starting to dawn on me. Tiny seedlings grow out of baby step pots, requiring more space to spread their roots and shoots. 

Sooooo NOT doing the math on this one, will do the usual standard response and stick head into the potting compost and deal with space issues as and when they arise.

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