Saturday, May 19, 2012

Fractal Fencing

Today saw the first stage completion of the fencing surrounding the rear vegetable garden. Whilst it is made from sacrificed and foraged branches and may look fragile, it is more than adequate for the hounds - well so far...

OK so there are still two open gateways, but I managed to test security levels through strategic placement of a variety of garden implements!

I could easily get over that - IF I wanted to........

The strength comes from the pressures exerted against other branches, the raffia binding is more to hold the shape than for strength. These flimsy looking structures are actually surprisingly efficient. They allow the wind to largely pass through, and so this is accounted for by the earthen dykes ( aka the piled up turf from digging out the vegetable beds.... ). They also provide a climbing frame support for the beans, peas and hopefully sunflowers - a little concerned for the sunflowers, apparently more irrisistable to slugs than slugbait. They are free - foraged from offcuts from the hedgerow - thanks to the electricity board that trashed the fields in order to cut the trees to protect their overhead wires.

They may not look much this year....but just watch this space ! :)

( This is now the nominated night for the horses and deer to gather forces and storm the orchard field and trash my emerging ...erm barrier?? )

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