Tuesday, May 15, 2012


On inspection this morning there seems to have been some small indication of progress - the tomato seedlings definately look like tomatoes, and peas and beans becoming evidently distinctive and sunflowers peering over the edges of their pots. Progress outside was a little slower than planned, more time spent keeping the hounds off the vegetable patch at the rear of the polytunnel, must finish the fencing.....
 These are the two patches either side of the rear of the polytunnel.
The turf that is being removed to dig the beds are being piled up behind the rustic fencing, to form a windbreak effect for the early seedlings. This bed will have sunflowers and beans/peas growing up through the skeleton branch fence. Honeysuckle will eventually form a more permanent windbreak effect.

"That fence will never keep me out lol "
Shaman in the orchard

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