Friday, May 25, 2012

OUCH - sunburn kicking in.....

The last two days have been ferocious hot - logged a 49C in the polytunnel - I could hardly breathe due to the humidity. So I just had to sort out the irrigation issue - carrying bucket of water up the hill J and J style was not cutting it......too hot too heavy too often.

Sooo.... connected hosepipes and the fact that the well has a super powerful motor pump meant the water actually arrived up at the polytunnel. I am just hoping that the water seam is deep - Gulp.

 Tomato section... 54 in growbags and probably as many seedlings still in the nursery. Sheesh - hits Google search for tomato recipes, new tab opens jumbletown freezers.....
 Squash - its ok I have less than five which is the critical overkill number. Figure credited to :)

 A mixed bed - roses, asparagus, beans, garlic, geranium and lobelia - form and function.
 Yeah broke the door - it got too hot....oops

 Bean bed

 Baby aubergines - ugh dammit they are gonna grow some.

OK I get it  - the sweet peppers are gonna grow too  - right?

Hmm bushfire gardening syndrome....applies ice to the sunburnt neck and shoulders.

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