Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday - spent pottering about

Spent the morning potting up the growing tomato seedlings. There is such a backlog that I have had to resort to using the final growbags earlier than I would have normally. There are currently ten growbags with three seedlings in each. There is still a sizable seedling bank though - dunno how on earth I will deal with that!!
The greenery is just starting to show over the pots.....

 Strawberry hanging baskets with plenty of flowers on - bodes well!
 The first strawberry of the summer - and it was sooo sweet ! 

 Tomato nursery - smallest at the back and more established seedlings to the front. Stock rotation systems even in here....
 Grape vine in the corner - straight into the soil. Fig tree, squashes, and strawberries. Three pots of hops that I am hoping will take - taken from my late father's garden.
 Now facing the dilemma of differentiating between emerging seedlings or weeds, the only saving grace is that most weeds don't grow in a straight line. Then I remembered scattering random herb seeds in and amongst......ooops.
 Purple sprouting broccoli, onions, herbs, cabbage, and radish. Peas starting to grow up the skeleton fencing.

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