Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Vegetable Patch

This week has seen me struggling with restraining the hounds from a) helping dig holes ( in all the wrong places natch) b) trampling and trouncing all over seedlings that have been planted out.

Result = fencing required.

Over the winter the ESB were out cutting the trees in the hedgerow to protect the lines and there are piles of branches piled up in the fields awaiting disposal. I am certain that I can recycle these offcuts into some form of saluki barrier ( and no the trees weren't black thorn so maybe I am hoping for too much - again lol ) 

The fencing that I prefer happens to be somewhat random, ecletic and .....well randomly pieced together. It's not art, it's commodity fencing.

This is early stages - there are clematis montana and honeysuckle planted in amongst to thicken out and cover the skeleton structure.

Peas and beans are planted/planned to reinforce the internal structure.

I should explain, there are two separate patches at either ends of the polytunnel.

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