Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wednesday Morning Re-organisation

A cooler more reasonable morning, meaning that the hosepipe is not getting the recent overdosing. Instead spent the morning reorganising and potting up established plants, everything is shooting up overnight.  
Courgette and cucumber corner.

A break in the weeks weather....
The hedgerow around the orchard field is already thick with the scent of elderflowers, and the blackberries are sending out their tendrils, neatly thickening the hedge. 

Varied leaves ready for cutting on the right, lettuce on the left.
Today I strung up a support for the runner beans, hopefully they will be needing it soon.

Courgette flowers just showing
The aubergine nursery - hmm spot overproduction of tomato seedling syndrome
An ethereal rose, one single petal just about still clinging on, the hip just starting to form.

A new shoot in vibrant clean green, accessorized with raindrops!

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