Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday and a long weekend ahead...YAY

Courgette flowers - the first few in the polytunnel so not sure that they will survive without pollination? Either way it is lovely to see colours starting to appear amongst the burgeoning greenery.

 The pumpkins are starting to spread their shoots. It's fascinating watching how the space starts to take shape and rapidly change as some plants take more space more rapidly than others!
 Sweet pepper corner is still quite young and fresh - not imposing their spatial demands just yet. Indeed when they do their needs will be more vertical than the squashes.
 Also vertically pioneering are the various beans ....

 Sunflowers seem to have survived the slugfest - OMG that has just been the worst ever experience, have discovered that I am slime intolerant to the extreme.
And finally for the evening the rear garden of the tunnel and the trees and skies behind. Directly beyond the trees and skyline lies the beautiful shimmering Lough Derg waters.

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