Saturday, June 9, 2012

The storms have passed.....

Starting to resemble Jungle Land.......
 Squash Anon?
 Courgette - the first has been harvested already!

 Now this one I do know - it HAS to be a pumpkin....I so want loads of them this year. Considering whether bark chippings would be a good plan further down the line. 
 Oh dear....Shaman - that is so not your best side...PLEASE??
Well that tells me huh? More saluki least it is disappearing out the door?

 Futures...safer than the last issue or at least a little more secure?
 A fleeting moment of double just a memory albeit a sweet one. In here the timing is crucial, they ripen fast but also go over soooo wickedly fast too. 
 One of the first tomato flowers - paintbrushes at the ready?
 I am not actually sure what this plant is actually gonna be/produce....squash of some variety 

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