Thursday, June 7, 2012

Strawberry Slaughter -suspect mice being sought.....

This was the tragic crime scene that I was confronted with yesterday morning - posting was delayed due to post traumatic stress syndrome suffered.

I never suspected that mice would be a problem in a supposedly sealed polytunnel in the middle of a field, well away from any buildings. Obviously I know mice can get through the tiniest of gaps, but seriously - the plastic is buried deep and the doors are pretty tight and shut over night.... *sighs* 

 Suspected vandals are thought to be mice due to the shredded liner from the hanging basket liner...oh did I not mention that the fault in the description hanging basket was the erm.....hanging bit. Duh  - retrospect huh? 
 Cut off before their prime....mouses didn't even take the ripe victims. Tiny weee beasties. 
 Where once there were pre-berries? Meh....
 Interlude with the herb beds....*calms down and seeks a solution*

Taa Daaa - Obvious really and they were always intended to hang. Damn procrastination cost me those berries....
 And it saves floor space - double win. Watch this mid air space for more....and more....thinking levels of off shoots and waterflows 

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