Monday, June 11, 2012

A very mixed weekend weather continued......

Having survived gale force winds driving icy rain horizontally across the country this weekend, even the sunflowers are still just about upright. With a little support indeed but am amazed they even survived, even the feathery little dill and the oh so fragile coriander seedlings were not actually washed away. 

And then the sun shone down in all it's soon to be midsummer glory 

.............and fried the polytunnel to record temperatures. 

 Finally after two days of waiting and watching patiently, pollination paintbrush to hand....the first pumpkin flower blossomed briefly.

 OK OK yes I can count and the hanging baskets are propagating along with the strawberry plants, but it's a great way to keep away predators and vermin. I kinda think it looks cool too, baskets swaying in the breeze. :)
 It's not just practical vegetables here you know - there are plants grown for scent or colour.....tomatoes are red and smell nice too though? Trying to rationalise the sheer unexpected numbers of tomato plants that have ....erm appeared. Should have done some basic maths I guess.
 The monster pumpkin plant spreads it's tentacle and lays claim to the territory - Germans and beach towels eat your heart out.

 Red currents are ripening by the hour, all this rain and sun, and here I am totally unprepared without a single idea or recipe for what to do with them all?

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