Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wettest July eveeeer - no exageration.....

So far it has rained everyday this month - no exagerating either. The pond is now a third larger than it normally covers. This is Buddy lying on the pathway surrounding the pond. At least the tail stayed dry.....oh and yes pond water stinks lol
At  least the pumpkins are thriving, however we have a slight issue with being ready for Halloween. How come the pumpkin is ripe and ready and yet the tomatoes are huge and still very green. Probably the absence of sunlight this month.

I love the selection of beans - these were briefly boiled and added to couscous and lentils and used to fill courgettes. 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

More rain...

This week has seen more rain fall than in most months, well hey it is July right? It has been a good week for the geese, apart from loosing a few feathers when one of the hounds decided to play rough. Mind you said hound took a ducking for her trouble, stinky hound episode one. This morning I was happily admiring the new raised bed, all planted up with sweet peppers and chives, a couple of random tomatoes round the back as they needed to be repotted, when Angel ( the saluki formerly known as Angel and since renamed NoAngel ) took a massive leap and cleared a substantial wall. No particular reason, she was just in one of those moods. If you are wondering why no pics of Angel running around the place - I was running after her just in case she took a run at a boundary fence. She has been known to do this once or five times, and oddly enough she always returns to a bend in the lane, Angel Corner.
Today she played with the geese, swam in the muddy pond, played tag with the ponies, lay in muddy spots and generally kept her distance from me! An hour later she is steaming gently on the sofa. Time to head back out!