Friday, October 5, 2012

Lessons learned

A brief review of some of the lessons learned from this first year in the polytunnel.

Beans thrive out of doors as do peas. Next year all the peas and beans are going into a designated plot outside, this means digging over and fencing off a new zone over winter.

Ventilation is necessary both doors need to be open to keep the air moving through otherwise it becomes too humid and this causes problems.

SLUGS ARE EVIL - well actually I already knew that but lest you lower your guard and forget......

Quality and not quantity will be my bywords when buying seeds for next season. 

Grow what you eat normally otherwise it will be wasted. Translates into more strawberries, raspberries and general fruit required!

And how could I forget - label the seeds and don't mix them up!!

 Twining kiwi plant
 The chilli formerly unidentified now known to be Nepalese Bell 

The pumpkin is just starting to ripen - should be just about right for Halloween!
Gratuitous hound shot slipped into the frame ;)

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