Saturday, October 20, 2012

Stairway to Heaven

After the morning stroll it was time for some hard work! The pathway up to the polytunnel, a path well travelled indeed, has been deteriorating at some rate. Think mudslide and you are close. Having landed unfortunately one last time, steps were taken to prevent this reoccurring( it is very embarrassing to slide down a hill on your butt at my age indeed!!)
So stakes were sawn, hammered into the ground, barriers wedged and the resulting steps filled with stones and pebbles.
See what I mean about the mud - that gloriously sticky squishy sort. This is by no means the finished item, but at least it is a start. Next drainage channels need pick-axing out and the resultant waters diverted into a stream down the length of the farm to the pond. Like it needs more water.....
Just as a finale - the tomatoes are still ripening and we are hoping the pumpkin will ripen in time for the Halloween party.

My Halloween pumpkin or November soup?

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