Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"Fetch!" - the extreme version

Now this may just look like another poor photography dog shot - well ok so it is....but salukis run at serious speeds and this hound is retrieving a sliotar ( very hard leather ball used in hurling

And whilst the sport of hurling was originally more of an attack weapon....having a hound speed past at 35 kph and hurl the ball at you is  - well, lets just say a bruising experience. 
 His aim is true...

Wednesday Morning Re-organisation

A cooler more reasonable morning, meaning that the hosepipe is not getting the recent overdosing. Instead spent the morning reorganising and potting up established plants, everything is shooting up overnight.  
Courgette and cucumber corner.

A break in the weeks weather....
The hedgerow around the orchard field is already thick with the scent of elderflowers, and the blackberries are sending out their tendrils, neatly thickening the hedge. 

Varied leaves ready for cutting on the right, lettuce on the left.
Today I strung up a support for the runner beans, hopefully they will be needing it soon.

Courgette flowers just showing
The aubergine nursery - hmm spot overproduction of tomato seedling syndrome
An ethereal rose, one single petal just about still clinging on, the hip just starting to form.

A new shoot in vibrant clean green, accessorized with raindrops!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Post weekend catch up time....

This morning the weather was hot and humid, replanted up a dogrose that has been in a pot for too long, hopefully it will become part of the fence. The colour of the new leaves is startling and the veins so fragile. Talking of fragile, this evening the petals of this rose lie on the grass beneath the plant - ethereal rose bush.
 The very last shot of the petals on the rose so fragile so delicate so ephemeral. Until next year of course....
 Erm...leaves - edible greens - label got lost in transit ( as did so many others...this year is lucky dip harvesting thanks to the move into the polytunnel )
 My moonstone heart on the gothic gate
 Fruit patch - raspberries, tayberries, gooseberries, blueberries, and currants
 My garden! :)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Friday, May 25, 2012

OUCH - sunburn kicking in.....

The last two days have been ferocious hot - logged a 49C in the polytunnel - I could hardly breathe due to the humidity. So I just had to sort out the irrigation issue - carrying bucket of water up the hill J and J style was not cutting it......too hot too heavy too often.

Sooo.... connected hosepipes and the fact that the well has a super powerful motor pump meant the water actually arrived up at the polytunnel. I am just hoping that the water seam is deep - Gulp.

 Tomato section... 54 in growbags and probably as many seedlings still in the nursery. Sheesh - hits Google search for tomato recipes, new tab opens jumbletown freezers.....
 Squash - its ok I have less than five which is the critical overkill number. Figure credited to :)

 A mixed bed - roses, asparagus, beans, garlic, geranium and lobelia - form and function.
 Yeah broke the door - it got too hot....oops

 Bean bed

 Baby aubergines - ugh dammit they are gonna grow some.

OK I get it  - the sweet peppers are gonna grow too  - right?

Hmm bushfire gardening syndrome....applies ice to the sunburnt neck and shoulders.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesdays hare distracted progress

This morning the resident hares have decided to show off for the hounds. This has meant that the hounds have not been running as much as usual - I simply cannot risk them learning that they could leap the fence in one bound and be off in hot pursuit of the harebrained ones. So I stuck to a little light planting out and gate making to secure the vegetable plots.
Peas, runner beans and various mixed beans. Oh and a few decorative lobelia and geranium for colour.......

 More Goth Gates.....with gemstone decorations.