Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Sacrificial Pumpkins

Well, Halloween again and a few selected pumpkins about to be sacrificed to the children's imaginations....unfortunately assisted by the inherent evil that is Google. 

Ok so, I am a)  blaming this on Google and believe me it could have been worse... b) why did they not like my idea of a pretty pumpkin carriage complete with a fairy tale princess? Oh well those days have gone lol ( actually they never arrived with my two )

Hard to credit that it is November tomorrow and yet daily still reaping the tomatoes. Maybe not quite as sweet as earlier in the summer but still perfect for sauces and casseroles.
 Excuse me squash variant of uncertain provenance - it is nearly November??
 Today I re-tied the grape vines  - honestly I never thought that they would survive let alone thrive like this in one year.

 And finally the hops drying out  - just for seeds next year. I have a plan to thicken out some of the hedgerows, it would make a great windbreak.

Friday, October 18, 2013

October - Harveting Hops

This morning was typically Irish, damp and overcast, so a perfect morning spent indoors. Indoors inside the polytunnel, that is.....warm, softly scented air with a calming green light due to rather excessive foliage still remaining. 
Having harvested a colander of cherry tomatoes and a couple of mis-shaped cucumbers, decided that it was time to start the cull of the hops aka Triffids. Hops are sticky and scratchy - not that nice to touch but they do look beautiful and have a delicate fragrance in their defence......
The hops seeds came from my late parents house in Chester where they grew with utter abandon over fencing panels and provided a wonderful backdrop to a spacious garden - rare in a city centre. So happy memories persuaded me to plant up several seeds, and of course all took with vigor and abandon. 

Now in Chester, the plants were out of doors and not in the green house effect of the polytunnel so yes they grew rather excessively. ( Hint to those friends who have received seeds - do not plant up in the vicinity of a door that you plan on using!! ) 

An hour and a half later and I have filled a massive garden bag which kinda took over the compost tip, and have two carrier bags of hops. I can guess what the compost heap will look like this time next year - at  least it is decorative!