Sunday, August 28, 2016

Chateau Shokran - First Steps

 First steps. Pick enough grapes to fill three buckets. They are ripe and the smell in the polytunnel is ripe!

 Once we had picked the grapes we gathered on the lawn for the ceremony! The equipment we used was some what less traditional than I would have liked but needs must!

Large plastic bucket with small hole drilled into which the tap was firmly inserted. Juice to be collected in 5 litre water bottles for convenience. The bucket was lined with a fine muslin material to effectively sieve the pips and skin.

Got any grapes? Added one bucket of grapes to the muslin.

Add one child to the bucket containing the grapes. Instruct said child to wriggle their feet and generally squash the grapes.

If needed add a second child to the mix. Take care that they do not overbalance thereby spilling the precious grape juice. Continue until the water container is full. Repeat with each bucket of grapes. A bucket of grapes produced 5 litres of pure grape juice.

The end result of the grape stomping is an impressive 15 litres of pure sweet grape juice. 


  1. I absolutely love grape juice. Great post and lovely photos, and your green background is gorgeous. :)

  2. You guys managed to get a really good harvest and judging from the harvest it seems like you guys did an amazing job in taking care of the crops. Really good job guys.