Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Today's Harvest

Today's Haul

Three Bean Stew. with a neat little side salad with herbs. First chopped and sauteed onions garlic and two courgettes. Added passatta and chopped beans - dwarf, scarlet and borlotti -  to the casserole pot.
 I used tahini paste to the mix and seasoning. Left to simmer. 
PS smells divine

Add A Simple Salad
couple of lettuce leaves and rocket leaves, nasturtiums are spicey as are the coriander leaves and seeds. Wash tomatoes and cut simply in half as they are so sweet. Garnish with herbs for flavour and decoration.

A little hint,  if your cucumbers are a little thick skinned - yes yes it happens lol - a nice trick is to score the skin vertically with a fork - leaves a pretty finish and softens the skins.

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