Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Basic Farm Food - Tomato Tagliatelli

Basic Farm Foods is a concept that embraces the less packaging, additives, chemicals and sugar in the foods we eat on a day to day basis. As a family we are all commited to recycling and repurposing so it is a natural step to grow our own foods. Enabled by a three acre orchard which also plays host to a forty foot polytunnel, we are on the journey to simplifying our lives.

This evening I picked a colander of tomatoes of different varieties.

With a small amount of sunflower oil fry two red onions and four cloves of garlic, finely chopped. 
Rough cut up the tomatoes, you can include green tomatoes that have fallen off the vines.

Think it took about three or four boards to cut them all up! Add them to the pot and simmer away.

 Next add three teaspoons of tahini to the mix along with a light touch of himalayan (pink rock salt )

Leave the mixture bubbling along whilst you ut the fresh beans - sorry forgot to mention dashing out to pick a handful of various beans!

A neat trick with runner beans, especially once they are overgrown, the things are growing faster than we can eat them, is to run a potato peeler down the edges of the beans. This removes the unpleasant stringy parts!

Once all the beans are roughly chopped, add them to a pan of boiling salted water. Also add to the same pan the balls of tagliatelli - no point using two pans for the same purpose.

Using a blender finely smooth the sauce into a fine paste. Drain the pasta and beans and mix into the sauce. Serve with a sprinkling of pine nuts or pumpkin seeds - just to add protein and a little crunch to the dish.

I wish I could post photos of perfectly presented bowls........but it got eaten FAST!!!!

Ok so in conclusion, the tagliatelli did come in plastic wrap, but otherwise the vegetables came straight from the plants so no food miles or packaging wasted there.

Last of the summer fruits